Hello, awesome Influencers! This last Sunday, Pastor Tracey wrapped up his Honor series with his message “Who is Worthy of Honor?”. As followers of Christ, we should honor each other. However, there is a more formal honor that people have because of an assignment on their life from The Lord, or their position. As followers of Christ, we are seated in Heavenly places and He has given us His authority or deputized us to destroy the works of the devil and enforce our jurisdiction. If there is something in our lives that does not belong, it’s our job to tell it to leave.

Jesus has authority under the earth, on the earth, and above the earth, so there is no realm we’re allowed to be defeated in. If we have responsibility over an area, we have no excuse to not protect it. It is dishonoring to God, when we allow the enemy to run rampant in our lives. When the enemy tries to cross the line, we must immediately punish him. When we show the enemy we have authority greater than him, it restores honor.

God gives us spiritual gifts to kick the devil out of other peoples’ jurisdiction. Spiritual gifts are not for play, they are for setting people free into the purpose of God. When we honor our gift by training it and using it, we are honoring God. Ultimately, it is the badge, not the gun that shows we are worthy of honor. Our faith is the key to our authority. It’s not about the gift you have, it’s about what is in you. Our faith in God is what activates our authority and our gift. If we honor God, we have to work our gift, enforcing our jurisdiction.

Trevor Gering