“What Are You Talking About?”
by Tracey Armstrong

2 Corinthians 3:12

Therefore, since we have such hope, we use great boldness of speech–


No matter where you go you can hear someone talking, on the street corner, in the grocery line, in the office, and even in the library. People are talking about all kinds of things. They are talking about philosophy, the economy, politics, sports, the weather, their families, their bodies, and the list goes on.

When I read the above scripture I had to ask myself; what is the source of most of our conversation? Are our conversations based on fear or confusion or joy or anger or jealousy? Every conversation stems from a source of energy, a source of conviction, and a source of focus.

As Christian men and women, Jesus should be the source of our energy, conviction, and focus in every conversation. I am not saying that we should walk around saying, “Praise the Lord” every minute, but I am saying that we should always try to find a way to include Him in every conversation and judge our conversation according to our knowledge of Him. We should pursue an agenda that is Christ-centered and evangelism-based in our witness and by our boldness of speech. Why? Because Christ is our hope and because of this hope we have great boldness to say something about Him.

When there is something incredible in the news or a great bargain at a store we have no problem sharing that news because we have confidence that someone else will appreciate and need that news. Well, that is the same boldness that we must have in Christ. Jesus is the best news and the best deal that anyone could ever hear of and find, yet we cower at the idea of telling people His good news. Why? Maybe it is just because we need a greater understanding of the hope that we have in Him.


I recognize the hope that I have in Christ. I understand the benefits that belong to me as a Christian. I will look for opportunities to share Jesus with others and when the time is right and the opportunity arises, I will speak with boldness.


Sometimes the key to opening the door to witness or speak to someone is simply your acts of service and care. Today think of something that you can do, something that will bring joy to the friend that you have been witnessing to. For example: send a post card, e-mail card, or invite them over for refreshments. Just do something simple, yet meaningful, and it may open up a door for you to share about the hope that you have in Christ. When we step out of our private little comfort zones, God has something to work with!