This last Sunday, Pastor Tracey continued his Movers and Shakers series. This Sunday, he spoke about being moved by something. Many people are moved by external things. However, as believers, we are called to be moved by our assignment. People who die without accomplishing something are people that are afraid to move mountains. As sons and daughters of our Father, we are called to leave our finger prints all over the earth. In our life, we go through good times and hard times, but we must always be focused on the assignment that God has given us. This way, we are not moved away from the assignment God has given us. We need to master what used to keep us as a slave. The key to getting out of slavery is focusing on our assignment. We can’t get out of slavery by focusing on being in slavery. We need to keep focused on what God has called us to do. Embracing our adoption as sons and daughters of God brings us out of bondage. When we walk out our calling, The Holy Spirit confirms what a child of God does. We need to allow our hearts to be movable by The Holy Spirit, who gives us a heart of faith. As sons and daughters, we need to also have a healthy Fear of The Lord to keep us in our assignment. The only thing that should move us, is our assignment given to us by God.

Remember, there is a Builder’s Meeting this Sunday and our push is taking communion every day.

Trevor Gering