Hello, Amazing Citadelians! This last Sunday, Pastor Nick spoke a powerful word about what to do when the going gets tough from 1 Kings 19:1. God wants a victorious church, but the enemy sends us messages to take us down. The enemy questions our toughness and wants to limit the unlimited God in us. When we are silent, we go into agreement with the enemy. In order to fight the enemy we need to:

  1. Kill the Messenger.
    • We cannot let the enemy get his imagination in our minds.
    • We sow this through having scripture in our hearts and wielding it against him.
  2. Stay in Community
    • No one can do this alone.
    • We must be intentional about it.
    • We have to be submitted under leadership.
  3. Be Vulnerable to God.
    • God wants us to exchange our weakness for His strength.
    • When we are humble before Him, he gives us grace.
  4. Lean Into God.
    • When we lean into God, he comforts us. God’s word is His grace.

When we do these things, we are able to stay strong in the midst of adversities and trials.

Trevor Gering