Hello, Amazing Team! This last Sunday, Pastor Tracey continued his “Built Tough” series. He spoke about when we are sifted like wheat from Luke chapter 22:31. The enemy sifts us to get to our gold or the things we have that are valuable. God has to allow sifting if we want to go to our next level.

The greatest value we have in the earth is faith. God’s promises are excessive, and he wants us to go for them. We are able to walk in excess without lusting. As believers, we need to make decisions out of divine nature, not our urges. The devil wants us to live in urgency. When we have faith for God’s promises, we escape the lust of the world. Our faith is the framework to build a barrier against the enemy.

Built on a solid foundation of faith, we need to have virtue, knowledge, self control, Godliness, brotherly kindness, and love. When we have all of these working in our lives, we have a strong blockade against the enemy. If any of these are missing or are weak, the enemy has an access point in our lives.

Trevor Gering