One to One: Day 29
by Tracey Armstrong

Romans 10:11 For the Scripture says, “Whoever believes on Him will not be put to shame. (NKJV)

God has no pleasure in seeing His people shamed. Shame is a hindrance to who we are and to who we are to become in Christ. At no time does God want to embarrass you or disgrace you.

God has grace for you, God has favor for you, God has only the purest desires for you, and God believes in you. And because God believes in you, He never has a reason to allow you to go through disgrace or shame. If we could ever truly believe Christ and His desire for us to experience the best in life and believe that he wants us to have all things for our enjoyment, then we would experience the goodness of God.

Stay alert and watchful.  If you ever find yourself feeling shame and experiencing disgrace I can say with confidence; it is not God’s plan! Just simply believe in Him and His goodness toward you and you will experience the love of God, a love that sets you free and moves you into your destiny.

Our belief in God keeps us shameless. Why? Because He is faithful! He is faithful, faithful, faithful. Trust in His faithfulness towards you and you will never be put to shame.

Father, I know that You believe in me and I believe in You. My whole heart trusts in You. I build my life on Your faithfulness. My belief and Your faithfulness create faith in my life so I will never be put to shame.

Daily you cross the path of people who have been living in a cage of shame, so firmly put this word in your heart by meditating on it and how this revelation of His faithfulness and love applies to your whole life. Then ask God to give you a divine appointment to set a prisoner free.