One to One: Day 21
by Tracey Armstrong 

Romans 12:12 Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer; (NKJV)

God wants you to be a person of convictions. God wants you to be a person of faith. I believe that most of all God wants you to be a person of prayer. A person of prayer goes to prayer before they do anything else. When there is an accident, they instantly go to prayer. When there is an opportunity, they first go to prayer.

Actually, the form of prayer in this verse is the kind that is worshipful and consistent. So often when we are having problems in life, we go to prayer in the form of petition or supplication. We automatically want to have God change the circumstance so that we no longer feel the pain or pressure. Believe me, I am the same way. Yet, God wants us to come to Him in a worshipful manner. Because as we worship, we understand that He is able to change our circumstances. We believe with great conviction that God is able and willing to change our circumstances. At this point we are in a place where we can petition Him for a breakthrough.

Only through worship can we reach God’s heart. When we can worship in a time of trouble, then God will see that we love Him more than anything else. I am not saying just worship and never petition, but worship gets you in the right frame of mind to petition.

Years ago Nathalie and I went through some difficult things financially. We were behind on some of our bills that we had no way of paying. We went to the keyboard everyday and began to sing and worship God. After worshiping we began to pray for a breakthrough. This was so awesome because we didn’t pray from a heart of doubt or unbelief, but we prayed from a heart filled with faith because we had been worshipping. Within a week a supporter wrote us a check that helped us out of our crisis. They told us that God told them a month before to bless us, but they didn’t obey and they were sorry. I tell you the truth, through worship God can make the most stubborn heart melt with favor on your behalf; if you will worship and then pray from a heart that is filled with faith and confidence instead of fear and pleading.

Father, You can move the mountains with a whisper. Father, You can remove my circumstance with one word. I believe that all things are possible with You.

Pick music that you can worship to and take 30 to 60 minutes for worship. This may seem like a lot of time but you will be glad that you did. Allow your mind to be cleared from the problems of life and be consumed by the Holy Spirit.