One to One: Day 20
by Tracey Armstrong

Romans 12:12 Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer; (NKJV)

The Bible uses words that we don’t normally use like “tribulation.” I don’t think that I usually use “tribulation” in a common conversation. The word that we would use is “pressure.” “We are under a lot of pressure” or, “I feel the pressure”; these words make more sense to me.

In this scripture, we are encouraged to be patient during pressure. Life has a way of putting you in a vice grip. We must learn to be patient during good times and bad times. Paul uses the word “hupomeno” (hoop-om-en’-o), “to stay under, bear (trials), have fortitude, and persevere for patience.”

Patience doesn’t mean giving up when things don’t come as soon as you like. Patience means staying under the wings of the Almighty while He works out the problem. God doesn’t want you to stay under the circumstance or bear the problem by yourself. God wants to help you bear the burden.

What you have to do is persevere. When I think of persevering, I think of staying in the fight longer that anyone else. Persevering to me means that we are going to stay in the battle longer than the devil can. We won’t accept a stalemate, we won’t accept a draw, and we must have victory. The only way that we can stay in the battle is when we stay under the shadow of the Almighty.

Father, I know with you I can outlast the storm. You have given me the perseverance to stand against the odds. You are my shield and You are my shelter. You can get me through anything. I put my trust in You and will not give up.

Today take some time to think about a present circumstance that you are facing. Then pinpoint your expectation and write down how long you thought it would take to come out of it. Then release that timing to the Lord and acknowledge that your only focus needs to be the end result, and leave the timing up to God. Don’t forget that your ONE is also under pressure. Send them a post card or take them out to coffee and encourage them to stay under the pressure because outlasting the storm is the only way to have victory.