Hello, builders! At this last Builder’s Meeting, Pastor Tracey spoke about how we as a church are perceived by others, according to the Michelin Star rating system for fine dining.

1 star is that if you are very close, the establishment is worth a try.
2 stars is that the establishment is worth a small detour.
3 stars is that the establishment is worth a journey to get there.

What kind of experience are we producing for those attending our services? We cannot have high quality services one week and poor quality services the next. We cannot be erratic in what we offer. We need to have a consistent rating every single Sunday. In our departments, we need to have mastery of technique and attractive personality.

We are anointed to gather others through the blessing of Abraham. When people gather, it creates Social Proof. Since we are not currently doing television and our church is at a hotel, the only way to show and grow social proof is by advertising our church through social media using #citadelecho.

In order to become a 3 star level church and acquire new followers, we must be precise and consistent in how we serve in our departments. Right now, we are not at level 3. We need to ask The Holy Spirit what we can do in our departments to provide a level 3 experience every time and continue to grow our social proof. Have a blessed week!

Trevor Gering