Hello, amazing team! This last Sunday Pastor Nathalie spoke an excellent word about making Jesus king in our lives at a new level. Everything we do as disciples should affect The Father, the world, and the devil.

We need to lay our lives down in order to reign with Christ. The earth is a training center that reveals us as the children of God. There are a lot of terrible things that the enemy does that we permit. We have greater revelation of our authority to reign with Christ when we have knowledge of God’s will. Right now the earth is a war zone and we are the only army God has.

To operate in this authority Jesus has granted us, we must be fully submitted to authority ourselves. If we are living in rebellion, we cannot walk in this authority. We must be fully submitted to Christ. Obedience is His love language. We must draw near to Him with our hearts and deeds. It is time for us as the Body of Christ to submit to Him and fully exercise His authority in our lives and spheres of influence.

Trevor Gering