Hello, Amazing Builders! This last Sunday, we had our Builder’s Meeting. Pastor Tracey spoke on how we need to be doers in this season. We need to be leaders, not directors. Leaders create movement by going places and creating direction. At Citadel, we must continue to cultivate people for revival in influence and ministry. We need to focus more on winning the lost and the user experience in our Sunday Morning services. We also need to be a fun church. We will still have a revival oriented atmosphere, but our operating system will be that of fun. We need to look for barren areas of our church and infuse joy into them.

When we give people hope, they are easily introduced to the life of The Spirit. We want people to want to come to our church BEFORE they are dying of cancer and need a miracle. We will still have depth. However, we don’t need depth to win a lot person to Jesus, but we do need depth to get them married or committed do a life of discipleship.

In this season, we also need to become better decision makers. When we become good decision makers, we are able to take on more weight in a leadership capacity. We need to see ourselves as leaders and make decisions like leaders. God is watching the decisions we make. Every next level needs a new decision.

Trevor Gering