Hello, Amazing Team! This last Sunday Pastor Tracey continued speaking about Jesus as our King. We need to view Jesus not just as our savior, but also as our King. Jesus must be the leader in our lives. The King establishes direction.

He wants to manifest himself to us and He does this through cleansing us with His Word. We need to let the Word of God abide in us. When we abide, He then bears fruit in us and through us. When we have the Word abiding in us, we can ask for whatever we need because our desires are clean. When we ask for things, we need to ask from the right position, as a king under The King of kings.

All the kingdoms of the world will come under submission to the Lord Jesus Christ. We do this through speaking His words and allowing ourselves to be a distribution center for His blessings. If we are ruling as kings the right way, full of His word and supply, we will be full of righteousness, joy, and peace in The Holy Spirit and see His Kingdom manifested on the earth.

Trevor Gering