Day 10

“It’s Time To Get in Shape” by Tracey Armstrong

Colossians 3:2

Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.   (NKJ)

Have you ever made a commitment to work out and get in shape? Maybe it was your New Years resolution. Do you remember what you felt like the next day? Of course you remember; you felt like calling into work to ask for the day off and staying in bed simply to recover. Your muscles were so sore; all you could think about was finding relief. That pain is there only because you have not exercised those muscles in a long time or possibly ever.

If we don’t build our muscles, they tend to break down. Did you know that your brain is a muscle? You need to exercise it just as you need to exercise your other muscles. ‘Set your mind on’ is one phrase that means ‘to exercise the mind.’ You must exercise your thoughts by thinking intently on something. Mentally focus on the subject at hand. BE WARNED, your brain gets tired just like your other muscles, so it could be easy to give up. I will make this a little more practical. To exercise your mind means to keep it dreaming, keep it planning, keep it focused on a goal, keep it hoping, and don’t allow any ‘dead time,’ or any idle thought.

An idle mind leads to destruction and chaos. If you are not accustomed to keeping your mind exercised, it may be difficult at first. You’ll have to keep pulling it back in, but once you master it you will notice a change in your life style. You will become progressive and active, or what we call ‘a go-getter.’ If you don’t have any goals or dreams or hopes you will need to develop some. The other way that you can exercise your mind is through study, yet unfocused study, or studying without some goal to accomplish will not benefit you. You need to have something to look forward to or else you will lapse back into idle thinking. Whether you are focusing on goals of your future or studying, you must make sure that your mental focus is based on your affections for heaven and not for the earth.


I am not a lazy thinker! God has given me an effective and efficient thinking process. Father, please help me to dream of greater things.


Lie on your bed and ask the Lord to give you a mental picture of where you need to be in five years. Make sure that this image is vivid in your mind. See where you are living, see what you are doing, and see what you are producing. See as much detail as possible until it becomes a clear picture, a clear goal to go after. In the same manner spend a few minutes meditating on what the person you are praying for looks like saved and living in their destiny.