Beyond Measure living!

Influence and increase are key factors for building the kingdom of God. Our Creator has empowered us to be wealth creators. He has delivered to us the power to move beyond limits and supersede restrictions. The Beyond Measure theme is because our marketplace strategies are not normal. Our mandate to reach the world through increase and influence is not natural. It is supernatural! Influencers Beyond Measure is a hybrid supernatural success event. You will receive practical business and entrepreneurial instruction and supernatural power to excel.

Our aim is to use all of our knowledge, God-given influence, and power to help your business create a market disruption. You and I have talents, gifts, and power to move the needle in our industries.

Why should I attend?

Influencers Conference is for you if you want to cut the strings and go beyond what you have ever imagined. This conference is for you if you desire to grow, stretch, and reach your full potential. This conference is for you if you desire to live in and do the extraordinary. The uncommon is your mandate!

It’s time for you to live without limits! It’s time for you to see the influence, increase, and wealth creation beyond measure that you dream of.

What should I expect?

Let me give a little glimpse into the event. The evening sessions are open without charge. The tangible goodness of God will freely flow in the evening service. Rex Crain has a powerful prophetic and supernatural gift. His gift of healing will not only release healing for your body, but you will notice healing in your business. Colin Higginbottom is an apostle to the marketplace. Colin speaks with a prophetic accuracy that causes you to want to do amazing things.

Conference Cost!

The Saturday morning coaching and Q & A session is the only session with a fee. The reason is that this is going to be a BEAST MODE session. Very practical business, leadership, and entrepreneurial coaching. You won’t want to miss the morning session. A $40 investment (early bird price) is a small price to pay to be in the room with wealth creators and world-renowned coaches like Rex Crain and Colin Higginbottom. Price at the door will be $50.

This is going to be amazing. Get ready to experience Influence Beyond Measure.


Paid childcare is available at $5 per child per session or $15 per family.


(PAID PER VIEW attendees will receive an email containing the online streaming link on the day of the conference)