Hello, Everyone! This last Sunday, Pastor Tracey continued speaking about Jesus and The Father from the book of John. God’s first intention when creating mankind was to be a Father. God created us as a Father, not as a god. God’s intention was never to control us, but to show us what we can do. He is trying to write liberties into our life. He is not like our earthly fathers that fall short of fulfilling promises. We are engrafted into a family where He is our Father. We’re no longer orphans, but brothers and sons. The orphan spirit is on the earth. We all start out as orphans, but grow into the family culture. We cannot ignore Jesus. Jesus without a Father is an improper Jesus. We need to acknowledge the full triune God in order to see him fully. We cannot grow if we only live in The Kingdom on Sundays. He must live in us throughout the week. Many of us are afraid of The Father rejecting us and it shows through our actions and the words we speak. If we find ourselves coveting for things that are not ours, we likely have an orphan spirit. The more we are healed of the orphan spirit, the more we are healed of coveting. Mocking is also a key element of the spirit of rejection. Mocking is sensual. Jesus said that he would never leave us. He did this by sending us The Holy Spirit to live inside of us. If He is living inside of us and we are abiding in The Father, we will not walk in sensuality and covetousness. We grow in our sonship by praying in The Holy Spirit. When we do this, our sonship grows in us as we are connecting to the heart of The Father.

Trevor Gering