Hello, amazing influencers and builders! This last Sunday, Pastor Tracey continued his “Peace” series. This week, he preached about Thomas from John 20. All of us at times have a doubtful twin. God wants to release peace to us as an impartation. What Thomas needed was a touch from Jesus. Thomas was in an emotional feeling of doubt about how much Jesus loved him. Jesus drew near and let Thomas touch his wounds. Many times, we are like Thomas, in a state of doubt. Isaiah 54 tells us that even if we are feeling storm tossed and battered, God’s covenant of peace will not be removed. His covenant is bigger than our emotions. If we are in a time of doubt, we need a touch from The Lord and re-connect with the covenant. When we are in a season of doubt, we need to

1. Keep drawing near to The Lord.

2. Cleanse our hands of sin.- Change our actions, even if we don’t feel a change in our heart right away.

3. Work on our heart. When we align our actions, we convert our mind. We act, we think, and then we feel.

Jesus is not shy in giving us reasons to believe in him. If we are in a season of doubt and unrest, we need to reconnect with The Lord and receive his peace.

Trevor Gering