“Cramps in My Gut”

By Tracey Armstrong

2 Corinthians 6:12

You are not restricted by us, but you are restricted by your own affections.


Do you know someone who is his or her own enemy? Sometimes people condemn themselves or they are so negative, fearful, or lazy that they constantly work against themselves. They are basically self-destructive. What more does our enemy need to do if we are always on a path of self-destruction?

We often restrict ourselves from great opportunities by our own affections. Have you ever eaten something that you know you shouldn’t have eaten? The moment it hit your stomach you knew that something was just not right. An hour later you are saying to yourself, “I should never have eaten that.” And then three hours later you are in the little boys’ or little girls’ room suffering from cramps.

Well, the word ‘restricted’ is a Greek word, which means ‘cramps.’ However, the cramps or restrictions we are talking about are not caused by food; your affections, which is the Greek word ‘intestines,’ or ‘guts’ cause them. Your ‘gut’ or intestinal fortitude gives you courage. If you don’t have any ‘guts’ or intestinal fortitude your success will be restricted to what is handed to you or to areas that are easily conquered. 

God wants you to be free from these ‘cramps’ and bold in everything that you set your heart on, but if you give up quickly, are afraid or intimidated, you will always be limited in your life. Become passionate about the things that are above and you will receive boldness from Heaven. Passion is the TUMS of the Spirit, it gives you fast relief from the cramps in your spiritual guts.


Father, I want to live without any intimidation, fear or limitation of any kind. Give me freedom from all these things. I receive passion for Your Kingdom and for Your work. From this passion, I will receive the necessary boldness to overcome anything that would usually cramp me up.


Take time to write down what you would do if you had the ‘intestinal fortitude’ to do it. Then make a commitment to move on it by setting a date of action. Don’t set it too far in the future but make your move towards it within the next two days. Take this step in at least these two areas of your life: first regarding your future success and second regarding reaching the ONE.