One to One: Day 2
by Tracey Armstrong

Matthew 7:24 “Therefore whoever hears these sayings of Mine, and does them, I will liken him to a wise man who built his house on the rock: (NKJV)

Through wisdom is the only way that a lasting house is built. You can’t build a house through wit; you can’t build a house through anything other than wisdom. Wisdom is the earthly application of heavenly knowledge; a knowledge that comes from revelation and insight from the Throne Room of God. Wisdom does not only come from receiving information from God, but also receiving instruction from God about what to do with the heavenly information. Christians in the past have sometimes created a strange perspective of God. Having received information from God they moved hastily without waiting on God to give them instruction on what to do with this new revelation. This comes from presumption and eventually leads to destruction.

Our passage is very clear on what a person of wisdom looks like to God. First of all, they are hearers of the word of God. This means you must expect God to speak to you. God can speak to you through His written word, His spoken word, through circumstances, and people. Yet, you should always look for God to confirm His word through several ways, we call this “getting a confirmation.” Once you get a confirmation, you can expect God to give you some instruction. Instruction must be acted upon. Instruction is not fulfilled by knowing what to do, but by doing what you know to do. So often we know what to do, but we just don’t get moving on it. This is not wisdom. Wisdom demands obedience and action.

Jesus said that He would recognize anyone who did these two things and separate them into the category of discreet or wise men and women who edify, who build, who construct their houses on Christ-likeness. Yes, the word used for “built” is the word   “oikodomeo” (oy-kod-om-eh’-o). Again, this word means “to be a house-builder or to construct.”

God wants you to build a house for Him to dwell in, so much so that He will not only give you blueprints for building, but He will also give you the step by step “how to” for completing your building. The most exciting thing is not the fact that God will help you build, but the kind of house that He is helping you construct. I have to go one step further; let us look at two more words used in this passage. First, “oikia” (oy-kee’-ah) meaning “a residence or an abode used for house” and secondly, the “epi” (ep-ee’)

meaning “superimposition”, used for the word “upon.” Put on your seat belts! Jesus says that the man or woman who hears and does what He instructs them to do is separated into another category of believer. This is a believer who is a habitation for the presence and power of God, a believer who has moved from insignificance to significance, from insecurity to security, from failure to victory, and from natural to supernatural. This believer no longer looks the same; they now look like Christ, since the very likeness of Christ’s actions have become adhered to their life. They have become the perfect building for God to dwell in.

Father, make me like You. Take my life and use it! Give me ears to hear and a heart to do. Please help me to receive and then follow Your instruction. I want to be a man/woman of wisdom.

Allow God to give you instruction for your next step in the development of Christ-likeness in you. Once you receive that instruction, make that instruction a part of your daily routine. Also allow God to give you discretion and wisdom for the ONE whose life you are to impact.