One to One: Day 33
By Tracey Armstrong

Hebrews 10:19 Therefore, brethren, having boldness to enter the Holiest by the blood of Jesus, (NKJV)

Blood is our access card to the Holy of Holies. We must have ‘blue’ blood, royal blood, coursing through our veins in order to have that access. In the days of the Old Testament, the only people who were allowed to enter into the Holiest place were the priests. These priests were especially separated for their duties in the Holy of Holies. But Jesus shed His blood and died so that we could become a part of His royal family. We don’t simply have the blood of Jesus covering us, we have the blood of Jesus flowing through us. The Bible talks about us being a kingdom of priests.

We have access to God that no normal man has ever had. Even today a normal person cannot just enter into the presence of God in the Holiest Place. We must be born again into the royal family. Many of you think that you are just the same person that you were before you were saved. You still approach life with the same mindset and the same perspective, but you have now become part of a kingdom and a family that cannot be corrupted by man or the devil. You and I must stop living according to our old mindsets and begin to live according to our new position and heritage in the Kingdom of God.

You no longer have to approach God as a beggarly and rejected person, an outsider, but you now have a responsibility to demonstrate boldness and confidence when you come into the King’s presence. You also have a responsibility to represent the family that you have been adopted into. If you walk unworthy of your position then you can bring shame to the family. You must never bring shame to the family.

You are a King’s kid, you are a child of God, and you are royalty; don’t settle into a state of being an average person or even a pauper. God is rich, God is healthy, God is love, God is peace, God is joy, God is jealous for you, and God is everything that you need Him to be. Don’t approach Him in an unworthy manner. His perfect will is that you would be conformed to Him and not to the world. Conform yourself to Christ and you will have what you need and be who you should be.

Father, because of the blood of Jesus I can enter into the throne room and I have become a part of the family of God. Today I decide that I will walk with dignity and confidence, as a child of God should. Thank you for giving me this enormous privilege to be a part of your Kingdom and family.

In order for you to change, you must first see yourself differently. In order to truly accept your place as royalty, you must picture yourself in royal authority and dominion. God has given you dominion; so imagine yourself as a king’s kid, ruling and reigning with Christ, with all that this implies in your life, family, work, and future. Spend time meditating on this today and don’t forget the details.