Hello, Amazing Citadelians! This last Sunday Pastor Tracey continued his Jesus The King series by speaking on the orphan Spirit. Jesus is not just trying to get us into Heaven, but into a family. He calls his Father our Father. Many times, we only embrace Jesus, when the point of Jesus coming was to bring us to The Father. People with an orphan spirit often don’t want to grow up, go to those who only feed them, can justify their bitterness, and love to blame The Father for what they don’t have. When we have The Holy Spirit, we have The Helper and The Spirit of Truth living inside of us. He surrounds us and lives in us. When we decide to follow Jesus, we arrive as an orphan, but then we are filled and baptized into the spirit of sonship, finding a home in The Father through Christ. Our inheritance comes through conquering and overcoming through The Spirit of God living inside of us.

Trevor Gering