Hi, Amazing Team! This last Sunday, Pastor Tracey shared a great word at our Builder’s Meeting. He reminded us that revival is corrugated. At the moment, we are on the bottom of the wave, getting ready for the next big move and sustaining what has already been imparted to us from The Lord. We are called to be the Supernatural Success church. The goal for The Church is to have Heaven’s authority manifesting on the earth. As we do this, we need to have excellence and have provision that goes with the vision. The spirit of begging needs to be broken off of the church. We need to use faith necessary for the provision. How would you spend a billion dollars? If our finances don’t match the finances the enemy uses, we cannot beat the strongholds and systemic sin of the world. The Holy Spirit is blowing on provision right now. He wants to have a vision that we cannot afford.

We need to make the next move of God global and use media to get our message out to the world. We cannot be localized. God wants our light to be so evident, that the darkness cannot extinguish it. We all have gifts and they will be used for either side. There are 7 deadly sins or spirits at work in the world. We need the 7 spirits of God to counter them. Jesus manifested all 7 spirits of God and as He is, so are we. We have complete vision and complete authority in Him. In Christ, we have the spirit of Rule, Wisdom. Council, Might, Knowledge, and The Fear of The Lord. Just as the enemy wants to manifest his seven spirits through people, God even more so wants to manifest His 7 Spirits through us. The enemy is constantly trying to get us to take on his firey darts as our identity. We must not agree with them or allow their outworking in our lives. Instead, we must cooperate with The Holy Spirit to allow the outworking of The 7 Spirits of God to be manifested in our lives, just as they were with Jesus.

Trevor Gering