Hello amazing influencers and builders! The Sunday before last we had our Builder’s Meeting. Pastor Tracey gave us some good reminders of where we have been and where we are going as a movement. Our goal at Citadel is to connect people to God and Develop them for influence. As leaders, we need to be yielded people to God and encourage others in our department to be yielded as well.

In 2008, we had our Resurgence period in which we moved into healing. In 2010, we moved into Relevance and in 2012, we moved into Discipleship. We have kept all of these, although the focus has changed. Revival is corrugated, so when it seems like The Holy Spirit is backing away, it is our responsibility as children of God to walk in the authority of the move that God brought us. At Citadel, we have always sacrificed growth to make room for The Holy Spirit. We are on a path that God is working. We are not making up different moves and themes as we go, we are listening to and following the leading of The Spirit.

God has taught us how to plant revival, from which churches will spring up. We are cycling through the Blueprint that God gave Pastor Tracey. We are in the process of cycling into another level of Presence. As we do this, it is required that we grow into new levels of leadership. God is proud of us for executing Spiritual Leadership, in which we lead people into a promise of what is to come, but is not yet seen.

In the next season. we need to approach miracles as leaders and lead people into a “way” rather than just getting someone to say the “sinner’s prayer”. We need to disciple people into salvation. We are moving into being more ability minded, meaning we need to look for people to lead that have ability, fear God, are trust worthy, and have good character. We are moving into a system in which there are ten jobs in a department, with one person in charge of that job. From there, it will grow into different branches. This next season is going to be amazing! Thank you for all that you do!

Trevor Gering